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Couple Sessions

c o u p l e   s e s s i o n s   F A Q 


w h o   a r e   c o u p l e   s e s s i o n s   f o r ?

A perfect opportunity to document a new engagement, celebrate an anniversary, an excuse get out your wedding atire or just create some beautiful memories with the one you love!



w h e r e   d o   t h e y   t a k e   p l a c e ?

They can take place at your wedding venue of the future or past or somewhere special to you, we also have lots of beautiful locations we can recommend to you.

Travel up to 30 minutes from GL156ST is included in the price


w i l l   y o u   t r a v e l   b e y o n d   3 0   m i n u t e s   o f   G L 1 5 6 S T ?

Yes! Just pop us a message for a bespoke quote.


d o   t h e   p h o t o s   c o s t   e x t r a ?

Nope! You'll recieve digital downloads after your session to print & share as you wish



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