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Emily & Owen

 ~ Harefield Barn

7th September 2019


The girls started with a relaxing morning getting ready together,

then headed off to St Lenards's Church, Exeter, to get Emily wed!


The church was stunning in itself but with the additon of a beautiful floral archway at the entrance made by Emily's family. After all the I do's it was into another part of the church for tea and cake - and there was ALOTTA cake.


After being bombarded by more confetti than we've ever seen,

Emily & Owen sneaked off to their reception Harefield Barn, Exeter early to capture some sweet moments together,  (You know you've picked a great wedding venue when the owner offers to take us up to their Orchard for some more special photos!)


before all their friends & family joined them for more drinks and nibbles in the sunshine at Harefeild Barn

before heading inside  for more yummy food from LAP Food & Bars - no one was going hungry today!


Emily & Owen snuck off again between courses to capture some more sweet moments together in the golden sunlight, before going back to listen to speeches as the sunset through the windows and the party kicked off with a ceilidh!

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